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'General Emu' Tshirt

$22.00 USD

Emu-late your idols. In 1932 in Western Australia, machine guns were no match for these birds. Birds for the victory! 

Maybe you don't remember the story or never heard it in the first place, but we thought it deserved a shirt! Thousands of Emus invaded the farmland of recent soldiers returning from war who were aiming to grow wheat to help ease the poverty in the Great Depression. The farmers, with help from the government, tried to rid the land of the birds and to their great disappointment and surprise, the birds were unbeatable.  They were unbeatable partly due to the smarts of the birds learning to weave and stay just out of range and partly due to the ammunition jamming and guns failing during battle. In later years, fencing was installed and the emus were kept off the land.  Success! 


  • 4.2 oz Tshirt
  • 52/48 cotton/polyester 
  • Designed & Digitally printed in Huntsville, AL
  • Ships within 3-5 business days

True to size, but please size up if you prefer a looser fit.