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Who is eligible to sell on
The RKT CTY Marketplace?

Our goal is to support as many local businesses as possible in the Huntsville area, but our goal is to focus on businesses with a brick and mortar location that closed due to COVID-19. 

What items are approved for selling on
The RKTCTY Marketplace?

We're starting with Tshirts, but will slowly add other items such as koozies, keychains, lanyards and other small items as possible. 

As a merchant how many designs can I offer?

To get started, please choose 5 items (shirts/designs) to offer on the site. As we continue to grow, we'll be happy to add more items later.

How many shirt colors can I offer per design?

To keep things manageable, we're offering up to two shirt colors per design.

As a seller, how much will I earn per shirt?

Our standard commission rate for merchants is 35% paid out monthly.

What if I already have stock?

Because we print on-demand, we aren't able to support selling your existing stock at this time.

Is there an upfront fee for sellers?

Nope. It's FREE to you. We're offering this service as a way to help you sell Tshirts, and build an online "one-stop-shop" for Rocket City-related Tshirts.

How are you promoting The RKT CTY Marketplace?

We will post on Instagram and Facebook, send email blasts, and purchase paid media to support the growth of The RKT CTY Marketplace. We need your help spread the word, too, so please share your items on your spaces.

Who will print my shirts?

The RKT CTY Marketplace is owned by Nogginhed Tshirt Co..  We are a direct-to-garment Tshirt printer here in Huntsville, and will handle printing orders on-demand.

Who shops on The RKT CTY Marketplace?

Anyone looking for Rocket City-themed Tshirts or logo Tshirts from Huntsville  local businesses.  

How do I send you my design?

If you have been approved as a merchant, please send designs to

What if someone needs to return/exchange an item?

Nogginhed will handle returns and exchanges on a case-by-case basis, but because each item is printed on-demand, we cannot issue a return or refund for most items. 

How quickly will my items ship out? And, what are shipping charges?

Our goal is to ship out orders within 2-3 days, but at time will take 5-6 days depending on availability of stock.  Packages are sent via USPS First Class and/or Priority Mail. Shipping charges apply based on weight and shipping address. 

How are items packaged?

All items are packaged in a Rocket City-themed Poly Mailer.